Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Top 10 Places to Take an Ugly Date

in no particular order.

Hide and Go Seek in a Dry Cleaners: you just hide, then slip out the backdoor and pull off.

Stripclub: user her money to tip.

Library: make up a book report that you have to do on a person oin whom there is limited information. Who in the hell is Russell Weems?

Gym: that way if you are questioned about strong-jaw Strauntay you can say she is your workout buddy.

Your Car: just pick them up and sit in front of her house until the conversation gets to the point where noone can take it.

Blockbuster: then act like there isnt anything you want to see, then drop her ass off at her house.

Your Freaky Uncle's House: if he bothers her take her home, if she likes it then leave her there, at least you have met your new aunt for this Thanksgiving.

To look at hookers: if she likes it......sign her up, if she dont take her home.

Any place that only sells artificial crabmeat: the lights are almost always real dim.
Clancys for brunch.

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