Tuesday, April 1, 2008

T.I. out and about after his 1st day of Community Service

T.I. and his pregnant fiancee, Tiny, attended photographer Derek Blanks’ Alter Ego event last night along with a few other celebs. Glad to see big homie back on the streets!! Also, last week it was stated that he had to remain on house arrest for the next year. FALSE!! He is free to go where he pleases although he does have a curfew(still has the ankle bracelet on)and needs the court's permission to leave Georgia or attend any industry events!!

I've been reading all of these sites and they asking how could he get off so easy, T.I. must be snitching, blah blah blah!! People always quick to say somebody snitching when they get off good because their dumb ass was somewhere making it rain in the club instead of saving up for lawyer fees!! Did you see his defense team?? Some of the best in the country!! You can afford them lawyers when your money long. Check up on the laws before you jump to conclusions oh and get a paid lawyer instead of that PD next time you get jammed up!! Oh and how can I forget, sell a couple million records!! LMAO Cause T.I.'s celebrity status was a factor too!!

U.S. Attorney David Nahmias said that prosecutors often give credit to those who cooperate and help convict someone.

"If [Harris] can prevent someone from committing a crime and victimizing someone, why isn't that the same sort of thing we should reward?" he asked.

Now I don't know if he is snitching or not even though I don't think he is but whatever you put in the wash will come out in the rinse so we will know the truth sooner or later!!

Now I just can't wait for "Paper Trail"

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Anonymous said...

quite frankly..he could kill a man and no ones gonna give a fuck cuz hes the best around. girls and gays across the world would riot and go on hunger strikes if that man was locked up for any real amount of time lol. hes better off and makes better music when hes untouchable. he knows it...its the cocky little twinkle in his eyes :p. Brittany, toronto ON, canada