Monday, April 14, 2008

Change of Seasonings

As we begin April on the cusp of spring, the change of seasonings has many things to bring. Beware because some of this stuff is just plain.....shitty.

Dress shorts: Ladies I know these things look cute in the magazine, and I noticed some of these in a courdoroy form earlier in the winter. However, in person, you look like you either going to get real drunk, or like you got tossed up this morning.

New smokers: Some of yall picked up smoking over the winter, and have yet to show most of the world how you handle a Newport. Grandma will be surprised come Memorial Day when you kiss her smelling like soot.

New hairstyles: Ladies I dont mean that new cut you tried because MJB had her hair like that at the concert. I'm talking about that new mustache you grew over the winter. Nobody really noticed it because of daylight savings time, and that club light kinda hid it. As we approach cookout season, and the sun is shining, you are wondering how your club name went from Trenyce to Vester.

Dingleberries are not fruit, butt may have been at one time.

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