Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Teyanna Taylor gets Jay & B's stamp of approval!!

She is going to do something big!! Supertalented youngin!! And that harlem swag just bleeds through her!!

Super producer/rapper Pharrell Williams is ready to introduce the world to his latest protégé, 16 year-old Teyana Taylor with the release of her debut album, From A Planet Called Harlem.

The Harlem New York native is no stranger to the limelight, having appeared on her own episode of the hit MTV series Super Sweet 16 with her 80's themed b-day bash.

Teyana has also received endorsements from Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Teyana pop locked her way into Hov's "Blue Magic" video and taught B the "Chicken Noodle Soup" - a dance she helped coin - for Beyoncé's 2007 MTV Video Music Award performance.

On the topic of being backed by both Hov and B, Teyana said, "That kind of love coming from Jay and Beyonce, was crazy. When he said, 'Yo, you're a superstar. I'll see you at the top,' I was humbled, like wow!"

"The first time I stepped into a booth I was seven," Teyana said in a press release. "I started singing on the train to make money, just hustling. No matter how much money I get, I still gotta grind. I still gotta work hard to get where I want to be."

Her debut album, From A Planet Called Harlem, is a mixture of R&B, pop rock and rap and features production from Jazze Pha, Pharrell, Mad Scientist, Frost, Shondre and Hit Boy. "From the songs to the production -- the whole direction of the album is insane," said Teyana. "It's a story about having fun."

From A Planet Called Harlem drops in May via Star Trak/Interscope.


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