Monday, April 14, 2008

Nike Air Jordan Force Fusion III(3) Cement

I didn't like the past mixes between Jordans and Air Force 1's but this pair is a definite must have!! Damn near looks just like the 3's. They've incorporated the bubble as seen in all the supreme AF1's which means these will probably cost a deuce!!
pic courtesy of Sneakerfiles


Uptown Folife said...

Well Ehhh. I thought you would have some more pics, cause this one doesn't do it for me. They are decent and don't get me wrong the 3's which I believe this is the original inspiration of this design, but maybe I have to see them in person. P.S. My favorite AJ's of all time are the 4's?

Anonymous said...

Did it take you long to figure out it was the 3's or did the fact that the post say it give it away??