Monday, April 14, 2008

Derek Blanks-Alter Ego

Photographer Derek Blanks showed off photos from his upcoming book, wich contains photos of celebrities and their alter egos, at an event in Atlanta on March 31st. I know I am late but this is my 1st time actually seeing all of the photos. So if you have already seen them ok but if not here you go!! Derek, pictured above, has done some amazing work!! Check inside for the rest!!




Brian Michael Cox


Eva Pigford(ANTM)

Kim Porter

Michael Knight (Project Runway)

Monica (my favorite pic)

Rockmond Dunbar

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Uptown Folife said...

Well Hustle you have heard me talk about artistic expression. SO you already know I like this. These are crazy. My Favorite is the Rockmond Dunbar joint, The whole three sides to a story element. Great Post!!!