Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who is David E. Beats??

The 20 year-old DC-bred Music producer/rapper David E Beats will release his first effort on May 13th, 2009. The 10-track project has collaborations with DC and New York local artists: Kendall Elijah, Ihsan Bilal, Phz sicks, R’n’B singer Nureya hailing from the DMV area; Rap artist JUMZ, singers Nate and RNB representing New York. David E beats is credited with producing; mixing and mastering; writing and rapping on all the songs.

When it comes to the title of the mixtape ‘’David E Beats Boulevard’’, David E Beats explains: ‘’Boulevard by definition is a broad city street; often landscaped. Back when I lived in DC, I would come up with acoustic songs, up-tempo beats and Rock influences would often turn up in my productions. I felt like I was welcoming artists’ onto my musical boulevard.

Check inside for tracklisting and a sample of what to expect

1) Walk In – Feat. RNB
2) We On- Feat. Kendall Elijah
3) Yezzur !!!
4) Cant Get Enuff- Feat. RNB
5) Her Features Feat.Nate
6) KING Feat. JUMZ
7) I Want U- Feat. Ihsan Bilal x PHZ Sicks
8) Davey's World Feat. Nate
9) Ain’t What It Seems Feat. NuReya
10) BulletProof Feat. Coldplay

Songs such as ‘’Bulletproof’’ featuring Coldplay gives a dramatic tone to the project, while club bangers tracks such as ‘’ Can’t Get Enuff’’ and ‘’We On’’ are dedicated to partygoers.

Little Jay Z, "But you can't buy gas"

Check :22 mark. He doesn't need to buy any gas. Filthy young rappers.

Supra Skytop II

Jay Z live from AZ (4/29/09)

Best rapper to ever do it!! FLAT OUT!!! yeah I said it!!

Maxwell- Pretty Wings

Maxwell's long awaited come back album, Black, is coming soon!!

Eminem's 3AM video Trailer

What's up with all the video's having trailers now?? Anyway Em took this shit to another lever looking like a movie! Guess how else he is stepping the game up?? Eminem is the first rapper to ever have a video debuted on Cinemax. The video for 3AM can be seen on Cinemax on Saturday May 2nd at 10PM!!

Barack Obama's 100th Day in Office

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cage Lamps for Diesel Home Collection by Foscarini

The latest looks for the Deisel Home Collection come in the form of these cage lamps designed for Forscarini designed by the Diesel Creative Team and headed by Creative Director, Wilbert Das. Very very dope!

Nitraid “Masked Beauty” T-Shirt

Come's in black, grey, purple and white!

Air Jordan XXIV

The final concept design for the Air Jordan XXIV (24) has officially been released by the Jordan Brand design team. The AJ XXIV is being designed to be the ultimate customizable performance shoe. Carrying the DNA from previous Air Jordan models, the XXIV expands the possibilities even further. It’s shoe-within-a-shoe construction boasts an internal lasted “sock” with interchangeable max air and zoom air pods for the heel and forefoot. The interchangeable max air and zoom air pods can be swapped out or inserted to provide the cushioning which works best for your game. This allows guards to be closer to the court with responsive cushioning, while giving forwards and centers a more cushioned ride and increased volume under foot.

Jordan Brand also constructed the sneakers with an advanced resin transfer molded chassis which provides superior lateral support while the shoe maintains a “slip-on” feel with it’s zip-up anatomical compression wrap. The XXIV’s chassis is hard-wired to modules on the instep that work much like miniature seat belts across the foot. They provide a semi-relaxed retention under normal conditions (easily opening when pulling the shoe on), but lock up under duress to keep the foot locked securely over the footbed. No tightening needed. The shoe will automatically adjust to the athletes foot as conditions require.

Check out all the details about the construction of the sneakers, the technology involved in them and the inspiration that was used to design them inside.  Via:NT

A Love Tip

Pass Gas Under Covers
Makes for a wonderful surprise for your lady on a chilly night. The warmth of the gas and the scent of old peas and asphalt can serve as a narcoleptic engagement for a warm night's slumber.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Preview Chrisette Michelle's Epiphany Album

Wow!! This album is great! Check inside to listen to the entire album before you go buy it next week!

Red Cafe ft. Jadakiss, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Diddy & OJ Da Juiceman - Hottest In The Hood (Remix)

Check inside for this banger!

Shout out to Nah Right and the NMC

SB's for May

I'm all over those red blazers!!

I'm on her heels like I'm Jonathan Kelsey

These 2 post were inspired by "Deeper than Rap" believe it or not! I been hearing ppl rap the lyrics and don't even know what they talking bout! Stop stunting & get your woman situated!!! 

Who turnerd her on to Nicholas Kirkwood

Can you wear these on our next date?

Air Yeezy Raffle @ Commonwealth

Monday, April 27, 2009

Vans Goatskin pack

Vans has decided to release another Goatskin Pack, this tim consisting of three colorways in the classic Sk8-/Hi model. Each features a goatskin upper along with white midsoles. Also, the inner lining sports a brown leather construction which gives the shoe that luxurious feel. They are seen here in red, blue, and brown color palettes, all of which can be found now online for $170

Dita Featherlite Series

I'm not big on shades, in fact its almost safe to say I hate shades but I'm all over these Dita joints! For some odd reason there about the only shade brand I really be feeling! Available in four different styles for both men and women, each features a lightweight titanium frame. More pics inside!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Men's Betterment Spring Classes

Men's Trealization Classes
This umbligatory schedule of classes truly directed towards men and their needs, especially when pondering potential coupling on a permanent state.
Classes begin Monday, January 19, 2008
Class 1: How to Hide your Beer, from your friends and from your lady.
Meets most Saturdays over Craig's

Class 2
Be Careful, I left it Up.
Round Table Discussion: Let's those us know who are late night pissers to give your woman a shout from the bed that "hey that toilet seat is up so dont go backing in butt first."
Meets tomorrow, webcast is available during halftime of the 1st playoff game.

Class 3
Did you leave the seat up? I think I peed on the wall, oops that is you.
Tutorial: One on one session designed for the guy who walks to the bathroom with his eyes closed and generally pees that way. Check to make sure she's not on the pot before your broth the soup bowl.
Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 15mins. Models needed

Class 4
White Tshirts dont go in hot water.
Counseling: How to nicely address this laundromaticall disaster with your woman. Your future teenage boy will thank you later
Meets Saturday at 2:00 PM for somewhere before the 2nd quarter ends.

Class 5
Dirty Dishes, Dirty Grills
Seminar: She blames you for dishes, but doesnt want to help clean the grill. Yes, she loves the ribs too.
Meets 4 mins, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:26PM.

Class 6
Keeping a spare remote
Demo: Definitely not a problem for the DirectTv users. You never know when your lady will move the primary remote, and if she's asleep,laying on the remote and left Lifetime on, you must take matters into your own manos.
Meets Friday before Happy Hour, refresher course is Saturday before you play ball.

Class 7
Trick or Treat, Sexual Halloween Happens All-Year
Seminar: You guys are beginning dating and intimacy isnt as frequent as you would like, but going out to eat is all too frequent. Learn some tips to hold your ground and see more of her, before you feed more to her.
Monday at 7:00 PM, 2 hours except during football season, Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

Class 8
Bringing Flowers and Seeing Panties.
Demo: Many men believe that giving flowers will surely get them a peek at some panties, but they are hoping they are the same panties from yesterday. Get advice on how to get your lady in the shower before you pay that Hispanic for them flowers.
Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 25 minutes

Class 9
Give Direction When needed.
Round Table: How to nicely get your woman to vacuum in another spot, I mean the game is on.
Tuesday at 6:00 PM Location to be determined.

Class 10
What if her mom is hotter
Round Table: Tips to discreetly date and or if nothing else watch her mother change clothes at night.
4 weeks, Saturday noon, 2 hours.

Class 11
Leggo My Eggo
Demo: She didnt start liking it until you introduced it, now she wants chicken chilli dogs all the time. How to get your lady to order her own.
Tuesday at 7:00 PM, carry-out to be determined.

Class 12
Location Realization
Exercise: How to find the nearest store/arcade to help you with long days at the mall. What we like to compare to pre-adolescent trips to the arcade.
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 whole hours! Beginning at 7:00 PM. Probably at Iverson Mall

DJ Drama - Ridiculous

Barack O'Drama is back with Gangsta Grillz II on May 19th! Check out Ridiculous inside along with a bonus Gucci Mane track!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eminem - 3AM

I wasn't feeling that 1st single from Em but as always he's showing that you should never count him out by his single!! This new joint is a banger!! Check inside for 3AM

Relapse coming soon!!

Old School Rap Riddle of the Day

What is cross-eyed, speaks polite, all the while ready
for a knife-fight, holding the flashlight looking for
Big Mike?

Post your answers in the comments, winner gets a prize.

Since nobody won, Eye guess your eye wasn't on the prize.


Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap BET Special

I still think its so funny how 50 Cent's plan backfired on him!! lol Rick Ross handled that situation the right way and he capitalized by making a dope album!! Deeper than Rap in stores now!! Cop it here!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


8Ball's new album-Memphis Allstars is in stores now!

Currensy drops his long awaited Debut album

After several dope ass mixtapes, Currensy the Hot Spitta unveils his long awaited debut album, This Ain't No Mixtape, to the people digitally!! Homie's shutting websites down!! I've been trying to go cop for the last 20 minutes and the site is froze up!! Anyway make sure you support Currensy, he's a dope rapper and from the snippets I've heard and that "Blown Away" joint this album is worth it!!

Cop "This Ain't No Mixtape" from either his website or 

Clevend Cavaliers Playoff Proposal

The Cavs decided to have a little fun during the NBA Playoffs and redo the Heineken Walk In Fridge Commercial! Check it out!! By the way I think Bron getting that ring this year and we will finally discover that he isn't human and in fact was created by Nike in a factory in Beaverton, OR!! You heard it hear 1st lol

Pleasure P ft. Ludacris- Boyfriend #2

How many of you ladies have a Boyfriend # 2 and how many fellas don't mind playing that position? Listen to the track inside

Monday, April 20, 2009

Original Fake Skull Kiss One t-shirt

Pearl Nike Foamposite 1's are coming!!

Footlocker’s House of Hoops will release this pair of Nike Foamposite One, which sport a pearl white upper, black shoe lacing tabs / tongue, and blue accents in May. Told you it's going to be a long hot summer!!

Fabolous-It's My Time x Throw it in the bag

Fab is gearing up for a summertime release of his upcoming album, Loso's Way, and has dropped 2 singles!! Shout out to the NMC! Check inside for Fabolous' "It's My Time" and The Dream assisted "Throw it In the Bag".

Clipse ft Kanye West-Kinda like a big deal

Here's a CDQ version of the long awaited Clipse joint ft. Kanye produced by DJ Khalil! "Til the Casket Drops" coming soon!!! Shout out to ReUp Gang Records!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kingpin Slim- Game Tight(video)

Slim slid me a new video for a dope track off of his Five Dollar High mixtape! Check out "Game Tight" directed by G Church, then check out more from Kingpin Slim here!!

Drake Live @ SUNY Purchase

Drizzy Drake Rogers turned NY out the other day with his 1st Radio interview in the States with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, freestyled with Funk Flex and had a live performance @SUNY Purchase! Drake turned it out! I knew his buzz was serious but to watch the crowd sing every fucking word is crazy!! Check out live performances of Best I Ever Had, Every Girl and more inside!

Interview with Angie Martinez

Freestyle on Funmaster Flex show

Best I Ever Had