Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nicki Minaj-Sucka Free Mixtape

The first lady of Young Money, Nicki Minaj, has drop the long awaited mixtape, Sucka Free. You've been wondering if she could hold her own with the ladies already established in the rap game? Well she is holding it down and the mixtape proves it. Here is a sample, Sunshine ft. Lil Wayne. Check inside to download the mixtape and get a new track from Lil Wayne, Lisa Marie(Carter 3? hmmm)

Nicki Minaj's Sucka Free tracklisting

01.President Carter Speaks [01:09] ³
02.Sunshine (Ft. Lil Wayne) [03:18] ³
03.Set It Off [02:15] ³
04.Brraaattt (Ft. Ransom) [02:43] ³
05.Higher Then A Kite (Ft. Lil Wayne) [02:36] ³
06.Grindin [02:20] ³
07.Curious George [02:02] ³
08.Sucka Free 08 (Ft. Lil Wayne) [00:07] ³
09.Baddest pregnant dog [02:19] ³
10.Wanna Minaj (Ft. Lil Kim & Gucci Man) [03:39] ³
11.Doin It Well (Ft. Jadakiss) [02:23] ³
12.Cuchi Shop [03:11] ³
13.Hundred Million Dollaz (Ft. Lil Wayne) [00:19] ³
14.Young Money Ballaz (Ft. Lil Wayne) [02:38] ³
15.Sweetest Girl [03:04] ³
16.Firm Biz 08 (Ft. Jadakiss) [01:37] ³
17.Dead Wrong [02:46] ³
18.Long Time Comin (Ft. Ransom) [03:16] ³
19.Womp Womp [02:34] ³
20.Whos Ya Best MC? [02:27] ³
21.Autobiography [04:33] ³
22.President Carter Signs Off [00:16] ³
23.Lollipop Remix (Ft. Lil Wayne) [05:42] ³

Dowload Sucka Free Here!!!

Bonus: Lil Wayne-Lisa Marie


elle said...

i dont care what people say about wayne, i still think he's a great rapper

Uptown Folife said...
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Uptown Folife said...

We know you do Elle, you are a fan of Soulja Boy. You dont have a choice but to like Wayne, you should like every other rapper in the game by default. LMAO.