Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jay Z-Blow the Whistle Freestyle

Deshawn Stevenson of the Washington Wizards made those ill-advised statements about Lebron James and he got more than Lebron a little hype!! Jay got the boost to step in the booth on Friday and have the song in D.C. in time to play it in LOVE nightclub for the Cavs vs. Wizards after party hosted by Lebron James!! I'm still confused at how a DJ here in DC would play a diss song about a Washington Wizard!! Lebron must have threw him a little ink! They say the Wizards are boycotting LOVE and Park now behind this. Well I guess they'll be boycotting Too Hood 4 Hollywood too because here you go!! Sorry D Steve, but I fucks with Jay and Bron and you was out of pocket calling Bron overrated!!!
Jay killing them with the Crooks n Castles by the way!! (Crooks Lambo Jacket / Castellano Mosley Tribes x Crooks Sunglasses / Crooks High Society Tee)

"Who the fucks overrated? If anything they underpaid em, Hatin....that's only gonna make him, spend a night out of spite wit the chick you been datin"

Shout out to them boys over @ Eighty81 for the track!!


Uptown Folife said...

Who is he talkin bout with the movie comment?

Anonymous said...

He's talking about what you have to do to equal his $$$. 7 movies, 7 movies by Wil (Smith) at 20Mil a piece and still come up short from his 1 deal.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone in DMV roll with Jay-Z & LeBron after this? Some of you DC sports fans are fickle as shit. You ALWAYS rep for your home town. LeBron is good, but he is over rated. He's not the answer to NOTHING until he goes all the way. Remember this fool wore a NY Yankees hat when the Yanks played the Indians. Arrogance leads to destruction.

Anonymous said...

First off Hov never said anything about D.C. He is talking about 1 person that plays for a team based here that might not even be here next season. Personally, I am born and raised in D.C. and I am in no way offended by this.

Since you on Deshawn Stevenson's nuts tell him to score some points to help there be a game 6. I would love to see Lebron drop 50 @ the verizon lol