Friday, January 11, 2008

Women in the City!!

Before I start, lets be clear that this is of course not directed to all women, but its no secret that the down to earth woman is becoming extinct.

Its time for women to stop feeling themselves so much. Ok your pretty we know but damn babygirl we got our swag up to and those tight faces and refusing to say hello back when a guy speaks to you aint cute. First every dude that says hello or compliments you is not trying to holla. And even if they are be thankful that somebody is acknowledging your beauty.

You keep saying there's no good guys left but truth be told at least 5 of those 20 guys you turned your nose up to today was a good guy. No real dude is putting up with that nasty attitude. Good looks only last for that 1st week after that you have to bring more to the table sweetheart. Only a lame will let you get by just on those pretty looks alone. Hence why you think its no good dudes. Stop setting standards for men that you don't even have for yourself. Stop being blinded by the fake chains and the paycheck being spent in th club. Give everybody an equal chance because you never know where the truth lies. A real man wants a real woman, not a daughter. Some of us are a serious movement by ourself and only want to be bothered if you can make us better *shout our to Fab* So lighten up ladies before you miss your blessing and be back stressing out here!! Don't turn that beauty into pure ugliness cause you fronting for yourself. And to the few down to earth women left, keep doing your thing. It just multiplies your beauty by 10!

"She tried to tell me she model, I told her me too, you ain't saying nothing slick...."-Jadakiss

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