Friday, January 18, 2008

Girl Go on and Do it.

Girl, go on and do it
I mean really you need to
he's been asking you
begging you,
and telling you,
please boo.

Girl go on and do it
I mean he's feeling real low
Go on and help him out
not because he said so.
When you ask him to
He does for you,
takes you and NuNu to
the mall,
yall have a ball
and you still put up that wall

Girl go on and do it
go on and top him off
he's been asking you all week
sometimes blatant
and sometimes with a cough
but you wont do it
you figure a quick little pump
will satisfy on the day of hump.

Girl go on and do it
go on and top him off
you're on 295
nobody will see you if you pull off
take him off the ramp and down a side street
it's freezing cold, cut the headlamps
and nobody can see thru the sleet

Girl you didnt do it
you didn't top him off
his hand was so low
it looked as if it were up your leg
it was not a plea or a beg
boo he needed you to top him off
stop only dropping 10 dollars off
in that tank
leaving him empty
like you with dirty draws in the sank

Girl you didnt do it
you didnt top him off
now you swapped your license for a gast tank
because that cough wasn't a cough
Civic warned you and then stopped right at Rudolph

Girl you didnt do it
maybe next time you will
go on and top him off
let your lazy bone chill
girl pump that gas
or find yourself in pumps swapping your number for gas
or it could be worse
if your mamma puts that Macy's bill on your ass.

All them nights Civic took you to Broncrief's for D and dinner, it's the least you could do.

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