Monday, January 14, 2008

The Wire's Sneak Peekers

I finally figured it out. Comcast and other cable providers allow sneak peeks of the Wire but not other HBO episdoes. They didnt let you sneak-a-Soprano. I often wondered why. I figured it out after the lead-in to Season 5 of The Wire. The Wire is supposed to have such theatrical underlying and is so well written, but is based on a black drug-ridden, crime infested city with mainly a black starring cast. Some consider The Wire to be one of the best drama series in tv history. So why the sneak peeks, to lower ratings. They figure you anxiouses and anxiousettes will sneek and peeked early in the week, so when ratings are captured on Sunday when it is supposed to air you prejaculents arent watching it. Then they can say it wasnt that good, check the ratings for the last few seasons. When they go to compare ratings, The Wire wont stand as strong because you people couldn't wait. You just had to put your fingers in the cake, like a bunch of greedy fat girls behind a Krispy Kreme counter.

Don't sneak a peek.
This message brought to you by the Sharon Pratt-Nordstrom House of Rough Jazz.

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