Monday, January 14, 2008

Some men act just like women!!

I remember when gossip and being all in somebody elses business was a thing that women did. For some reason though it seems as if these dudes have taken that role away from women.

These Ralph Tresvant(So Sensitive) type dudes worry about who the next man is dating, sleeping with, etc..... But why? In my close to 27 years on this earth I have never been concerned about what another man wears, who he talks to, what he drives, or how much money he has. Because none of that will ever affect the man that I am. Don't compete with me? You could never be me as well as I can and vice versa. So why do they feel the need to try to out do the next man? Why do they think its manly to tell a woman who the next man dates? I just need some clarification on this. Is it to turn people off from you? Insecurity, low self esteem, what? Do they really admire? The bad part about it is all you are doing is making others more curious to see what's popping. So with that said I love it!! LMAO When the haters stop talking bout me then I'll be mad

"Niggas wake up on my dick, eat some breakfast first"-Jay Z (no homo)

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