Saturday, January 12, 2008


So someone emailed me asking what is the D.M.V. and The D.M.V. Movement??

D.M.V.=D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, one of the most popular but looked over areas in the whole country. I know right, sounds contradicting??
D.C. is so much more than politics and the president. That's just a small part of what we about. Everybody loves to come to D.C. for our gorgeous women and our party scene. We've had our own distinct style forever which out of towners come and use our swag, look, and sound for their own. Stars love it because we treat them as equals and we don't be on no groupie shit. With this being said why do we still have to travel to other states to cop fashion trends that we start, or move to another city to become recognized in the music or modeling industry.

The D.M.V. movement was started to change that and gain more exposure to our city in all aspects of music, fashion, modeling, athletics, etc... I'm proud of the people that have made it their business to get the D.M.V. on the map because this is one of the toughest places to live and succeed because there is no unity. It's like every man for himself, so the few that have made it in the past forget where they got their toughness from and they take their success to another city instead of for ours. But over the past 2 years there have been some people(I won't name names because it's just too many and I don't want to slight anybody of their success. SO feel free to leave a comment for those you see shining in the city) creating a huge buzz for the area and have the rest of the country paying us close attention. Trust me I see yall, and you've got our full support so holla at ya boy. SO DC, MD, VA stand up and support your own, All we got is us. The door is finally cracking and with every body's support we can knock it down. And the rest of the country pay close attention, We're here now and we'd love your support the same way we've supported yall forever.

Love, live life, proceed, progress!!

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