Friday, March 7, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Well its raining here in D.C. which pretty much means Friday is shot!!

"I find the human fascination with water is amazing. We're constantly going to beaches, pools, lakes, rivers, we're swimming, we're snorkeling, we're-we're scuba diving, we bathe in it, our bodies are mostly made of water, everyone is caring around these bottles of water. We can't get enough water, unless it rains then we're like, "Oh, look I'm soaked. I am literally drenched." For some reason we have a huge problem with small flying water. I-It'll just stop us right in our tracks. "Uh, I felt a drop, We're gonna get caught in it! Everyone cover your water bottles, run!!"-Jerry Seinfeld

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Uptown Folife said...

This is so funny and true. But you know if this is pertaining to any black woman then it is null and void. That hair don't even like to get sweated out for sex.