Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Here we have Jerome "Raz" Wilson a hoeless romantic looking for love in North Carolina. Jerome, "you can call me Raz, or Rome, I answer to both", was at the CIAA's this past weekend. Some of you might have seen him. He played the let out of the Steve Harvey morning show early Friday morning. It was said that he was an agent for a Carolina Panther. After later research 2hood found out the Carolina Panther is shis stripping cousin Darryle who he used to manage.

Raz or Rome enjoys long walks from his Camaro, he usually parks deep back on parking lots so nobody scratches "Zam", his black Camaro. He also enjoys inner-office romance, especially if he doesn't work in-her office. Raz has fetish for naked copy room photos, from your job not his. He also likes expensive rayon gifts from his women, as you can see he is wearing his fresh damnsmeare shirt that his newest old boo Shavone brought him.

If you are a fan of a perpetrator, or just like to see your man in rayon, then ladies Raz might be the dude for you. You can find him at, and send pictures, believe or not this nigga is picky.

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