Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gold Bottles of.. hold up wait a minute!!

Ok Ok. I know some of you that try to keep up with every trend seen on TV are probably just getting around to Armand de Brignac aka Ace of Spades but the ballers have moved from the Gold bottle to the Pink bottle!! Mind you the Rose has been out forever but here's your official stamp so add $300 more to that Gold bottle and get with the Rose'. Better yet just drink what you like cause Ace of Spades is disgusting!! The Rose is ok but Moet Nectar Imperial Rose is way better and $550 cheaper!! Perrier Jouet Rose is my personal fav.

P.S. This pic is from the "Heart of the City" tour which kicked off in Miami last night. I heard the performances were sick!! I mean The Dream, MJB, and Hov!! Can't wait.... 2 more Sundays before the D.C. show!! Unless somebody offers me a crazy price for my tickets then I will miss it. lol


atlien said...

Ace of Spades IS disgusting...I guess it's an acquired taste but once was enough for me! I'd rather buy some Choos...I mean shoes..LOL!

Hustle Crow said...

I feel you!! Add to your Jimmy game huh?