Monday, March 10, 2008

I am so dope

like Louboutin's with the red bottoms!! Ok ok ok, if I hear one more person say Lou Vuitton with the red bottoms I am going to scream!! LMAO Hov is not talking about a Louis Vuitton shoe with a red sole but more like Christian Louboutin, whose precious, red-soled Parisian shoes aren’t for bashful dressers. They come in patterned fabrics, clear vinyl, and textured skin as often as in regular old leather. As much as I love a woman with a mean shoe game I'll let Luxe & Posh come back and give you more insight on Louboutin, as I don't know much except they make some sick joints for women to add to their shoe game and you got to have your pockets right to slip into them(The Rodita's shown above are$835). Not for beginners at all!! I just wanted to clear up what Jay was talking bout on "I Know" for those that didn't know!!

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Anonymous said...

aww man thanks!! I been singing it wrong all this time LMFAO