Friday, March 7, 2008

Make it Rain in the Hood

A video of Jeezy, David Banner,Goodie Mob and others giving back to the hood!!

The homeless rate is one that we tend to overlook a lot. I hope this video will inspire some of you to take the time out of your day to give back to people less fortunate than you. I know some of you will be like "I don't have the money to give back right now!!" Giving back doesn't always have to be in the form of money. You can give old books, clothes, food, or even just your time. People need to know that they are not alone out here in this world. Especially the youth because they did not ask to be put in the position that they are in. So next time you think about making it rain in the club, you know throwing your little 1's around in the club to impress that female that doesn't care about you anyway, just know there is something 300% better you can be doing with that for somebody that will appreciate it from the bottom of their heart. When you stop thinking about yourself so much and you give instead of always trying to receive, you will be amazed at how your blessings are returned 10 fold. With this being said do me 1 favor today. Step outside of yourself for 1 second today and do something, anything for someone less fortunate than you. Somebody had to give you a hand to get where you are today right?

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