Thursday, February 21, 2008

Loyalty, Honesty, Friends and then wealth

"Justify my Thug" was probably my least fav. song on the Black Album but mainly due to the beat. But Hov said some of the most important things to me in this song. A few things that I live by and no not because he said it but because this is how I was raised. I guess that's why he's my fav. rapper.

I watch people jeopardize their integretity, loyalty and honesty on a daily basis. People lose friends and family behind a few dollars and it's crazy to me. No amount of money in the world is worth losing the above. You can always get more money but you can never replace those. I say this to say that a man made money!! There is no way that something another human being created should be so important. If you uphold your integretity, loyalty and honesty success is almost promised. If you go after it at least lol

Now don't get me wrong I understand that in this society without money there is no way possible to survive but there is also a way to go get it without compromising yourself. I just hope that everybody realizes that when you're stripped away of everything all you have is what's inside. So stand for something. Look at all the celebrities that overdose, go crazy etc.. You would think that with that kind of paper they would be happy but it shows you that money is the least important part of life.

I ain't never been to jail; I ain't never pay a nigga
to do no dirt for me I was scared to do myself
I will never tell even if it means sittin in a cell
I ain't never ran, never will
I ain't never been smacked; a nigga better keep his hands
to himself or get clapped for what's under that man's belt
I never asked for nothin I don't demand of myself
Honesty, loyalty, friends and then wealth
Death before dishonor and I tell you what else
I tighten my belt 'fore I beg for help
Foolish pride is what held me together through the years
I wasn't felt which is why I ain't never played myself
I just play the hand I'm dealt, I can't say I've never knelt
before God and asked for better cards at times to no avail
But I never sat back feelin sorry for myself
If you don't give me heaven I'll raise hell
'Til it's heaven

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Anonymous said...

I feel you homie!! Man it's like loyalty is gone out the door these days. People let material things control their lives. It's fucked up