Friday, January 23, 2009

A detailed look at the Nike 1/2 Cent Air Penny

You should know the story behind these by now, but even if you don't you should be able to look at the shoe and tell what its all about. I can be honest with yall, when the drawings for these joints first hit the scene I thought it was a horrible idea!! Then I saw Wale with them on his feet and I was like damn they are ok. Now that I got these up close and personal pics, these joints are so sick!!!!!! Limited Edition release in March!! Be ready cause I know I will!! More Pics inside

**Sidenote: I need a Nike Connect!! Nike Reps holla at ya boy!!**

Pics courtesy of Vault


Fashion Citizen said...

I'm not really a sneaker head but I'd rock those no problem.

deeteezy said...

child, I don't know anything about sneakers, I came in here shaking my head. and I think I get the concept, but I also think I'm taking the meaning to deep. idk, you're gonna have to explain.

Hustle Crow said...

LMAO It's all good!! It's just all of the Penny's that ever came out put into 1 shoe

Dutch said...

i will find these and i will ROCK these, thanks for the recommendation