Saturday, January 24, 2009

Air Yeezy or Kanye West LV High Tops??

Okay so Kanye West is definitely making a strong statement in the sneaker game this year with two collaborations, 1 with Nike and 1 with Louis Vuitton. I personally like the low top LV's more than the highs because for some reason I am getting the Reebok feel from the high tops. lol But not to jump off topic, which is doper, Kanye's collabo with Nike or his collabo with LV. You decide:




Fashion Citizen said...

Tough call but I'd have to say the LV sneakers. They look more edgy and everyone isn't going to drop 600 for sneakers.I'd cop both but wear the LV's more.

Anonymous said...

Homy's right! they look like Rees. The all red ones are better than the both of these