Friday, May 30, 2008

Lil Wayne ft. Jay Z-Mr. Carter

Okay I'm not going to be an asshole and post the album because some of you fools won't go buy it!! BUt here is 1 reason you should cop. This is a crazy track!! This is what I expected from these 2!! Just Blaze did his thing on the production too!!
I am listening now but on June 10th I am copping the real as you should. A bonus track for you inside!! Thats it! I am not posting no more Carter 3. You can buy it here!!
Mr. Carter - Lil Wayne ft. Jay Z

Here you have Dr. Carter! THe concept on this joint is crazy!! It's basically like Hip Hop is dying. The nurse gives the symptoms and Weezy diagnoses them eventually saving Hip Hop's life. Listen and then comment!
Dr. Carter (Produced By Swizz Beatz) - Lil Wayne

Wale-Mixtape About Nothing

Here is the long awaited mixtape from D.C.'s own Wale. Just in case you been sleeping under a rock he is signed to Allido/Interscope. Download the mixtape here!! Shout out to Elitaste.

Rick Ross ft. Trey Songz, Shawty Lo, Triple C, Brisco, Flo-Rida, Birdman-This is the Life (remix)

This is the Life is my favorite song on Trilla, the best rap cd to come out in 08 so far by the way!! Check out the remix and let me know what you think.

This Is the Life (remix - Rick Ross ft. Trey Songz, Shawty Lo, Triple C, Brisco, Flo-Rida, Birdman

Rick Ross ft. Pharell-Get Down

This is definitely a different look for Ricky Ross but he still holds it down!! It is rumored that this might be his 1st single from his next album "Deeper than Rap" which is set to be released in the 4th quarter of this year! The boss ain't playing huh? 2 albums in 1 year, I can dig it!! Tell me what you think of this track.

The Corporate Takeover of Jay Z

Corporate Takeover posted this article about Hov. It's a great article and it further more reminds me that dude is a genius!! Click on the picture for a larger view.

Last month, in a move that many should have seen coming, hip-hop mogul Shawn Carter finalized the corporate takeover of Jay-Z Inc. when he sold the remainder of the franchise to concert promoter Live Nation. After years of building up the brand called Jay-Z, Carter is doing what any smart investor would do at this point: Cashing in.

In the minds of his audience, rapper Jay-Z is the epitome of cool. “Jay’s just that dude—Period,” says Ryan Bence, 22, a senior at Arizona State University. “He is the Sinatra of our day. He’s who everyone wants to be.” Another fan, 21-year-old LaShonda Shepherd, a student at the University of Maryland, insists, “Jay is one of the few rappers now that still gives me chills. I listen to him, and I’m sucked in.” It’s that larger than life persona that has helped the entertainer gain such a devout following among hip-hop fans, and sell more than 33 million albums worldwide. But as he himself is quick to remind you, there is an important distinction between Shawn Carter and his braggadocios alter ego, Jay-Z the hip-hop star: while Shawn Carter is a businessman, Jay-Z is a business, man.

Over the years, Carter has successfully used Jay-Z’s influence as a hip-hop star to build a franchise of businesses that capitalize on the rapper’s popularity. “[Jay-Z] is a purveyor of quality and value,” says Robby Wells, chief strategy officer for Acme Content Co. “He adds value to the lives of his consumers—just like any trusted brand. Where he is different than a typical brand is that he has an extreme amount of highly valuable influence. He could easily stand on the merits of what he is famous for, but he has shot to extreme levels of success due to his influence.”

In fact, it was recognizing that influence early on in his career that ultimately lead to the creation of the Rocawear urban-apparel brand. When Carter noticed that a large portion of the audience attending his concerts were wearing ICEBERG—a clothing brand he was well-known to favor at the time—it occurred to him that his fans wanted to do more than just listen to his music. They wanted to live his lifestyle as well. Believing he had cachet as a trendsetter, Carter approached executives at the clothing company with the intention of securing an endorsement deal. But they declined his offer; ICEBERG’s loss in retrospect (”Sometimes you’ve gotta learn to live with regrets.”) That’s when he and then-partner Damon Dash decided to found Rocawear.

Full Article

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex in the City Quiz (Bunked)

With all the hype around the upcoming Sex in the City movie a bunk quiz has been developed and the answers are below.

40% You are a Clyde. you enjoy strong mixed drinks and a big butt woman doing the moonwalk in penny loafers or thick socks. You also know when not to wear leather. Your cab always smells of dark cologne, and you are on the verge of buying your 5th Lincoln.

30% You are a Brooke. you enjoy fishing for catfish and bass. You also own the last bottle of Johnnie Walker Black from Bass. You have won the 3-digit 4times this month, as you do every May, but this time you actually profited $500. You also think you know more than your hand-dance instructor.

20% You are a Hussie, and so is your wife and Clyde know it. You keep too many old Lotto pencils in your den, and you cant figure out this Seduko thing, or crossword puzzles not in the Mini Page. For some reason your portable radiator also blows cool air.

10% You are a Butch. Your toothpicks are monogrammed. You slippers can double as deck shoes at any cookout. Your kids call you Butch and you call them anything. You have had at least one stolen German Shepard in your yard for the past 12 years. It is rumored that Pontiac sends you a check everymonth because you are still picking up ladies in that '88 Trans Am.

Bloodraw ft. Young Jeezy & Bow Wow-Louie Bag(remix)

I seriously doubt this a real remix since Raw & Jeezy verse's are the same. But Bow Wow jive got his swag all the way together so I had to post it!!

Louie Bag (Remix) - Blood Raw Ft Young Jeezy & Bow Wow

Kanye West-Flashing Lights (3rd Version)

Here is the 3rd version to Kanye's hit, Flashing Lights. If you didn't see the 2nd one check inside! The 3rd one is ok but nothing beats Rita G in that 1st joint!!

Bow Wow ft. Lil Wayne-Money in the Way

Young Bow Wow stunting real hard lately!! They say he is retiring from rap to go the Will Smith route but who knows!! Here's a new one with Mr. Feature Man himself Lil Wayne.

Umm nobody has yet to tell me what that jacket is in the pic above. It's the same one Rocko wore in the "Tomorrow" video. I want that joint!!

Money In The Way - Bow Wow Ft. Lil Wayne

Young Chris ft. Lil Wayne-Paradise

Young C been going hard with the debut of his long awaited solo joint, Now or Never, dropping soon!! If you not down with the boy yall need to go pick up that first Young Gunz album, Tough Luv. That joint is a classic. Its a long time coming and I'm glad to see Chris doing his thing! Where's Neef Buck don't speak much keep the heat tucked though?

Paradise - Young Chris Ft Lil Wayne

Ask Weezy

I see Lil Wayne popping up all over the place now, the closer we get to the drop date for the Carter 3. I really like his marketing strategy. Check out this VH1 segment, Ask Weezy. He has some pretty good answers actually!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

T.I. Speaks on Shawty Lo

I think T.I. is taking the very best approach possible with this situation!! We can all see through the foolish games Shawty Lo playing!! It's not working. Point blank nobody cares if T.I. was born in Bankhead, went to school in Bankhead. Tupac was born and schooled in Baltimore but he repped Cali so what's the difference. T.I. is a lyrical monster and there is no way Shawty Lo can stop that.

Air Jordan Force Fusion III (3) - White / Fire Red / Cement Grey / Black

With all the Jordan packs and other release coming out this summer, this has got to be on your list of must cops!! Too bad they don't come out til September though!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lil Wayne's Carter 3 Tracklisting

The long awaited C3 is now about 2 weeks away!! Here is the official tracklisting. There is 17 tracks. I have snippets for the 12 songs that haven't been released already but they're only about 10 seconds long so there is no point in posting them. The Carter 3 drops on June 10, 2008 but you can preorder your copy now right here!!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Drugs Couture-Guys with Fake Kicks tee

What more can I say, I already love a female that understands this exclusive sneaker shit but I love it more that they can now tell these lames to stop rocking fakes!! I think this is a tee every female should own!!

"We just had to say something…it was getting out of control! It's like almost every spot I would hit up you have some lame rocking a pair of fake kicks thinking he's the sh*t" adds Jessica, one half of the duo behind the brand. "A few folks have already addressed it (fake sneakers)…but they were mostly male brands expressing it in a guys way…I wanted to put them on blast! I wanted to say how WACK it is from a female's point of view to see a dude in fake sneakers" she continues.

This tee was produced in limited quantities so hurry up and grab yours ASAP!! They have some other dope tees for the ladies as well. Cop your "Guys with fake kicks" tee here!!


Check out Wale's latest video. It's a pretty creative joint. I can honestly say it made me like the song more. Be sure to head over to his blog, Elitaste, on May 30th to download his new mixtape, Mixtape about Nothing!

On a side note I have got to say I respect what Wale is doing right now!! Everytime I turn around somebody got some hating shit to say about the dude and the funny thing is it's never about his raps!! To have that many haters only means you are doing the right thing. You mad at him cause you say he's not from D.C. I personally don't know where he's from and Im not saying that to say he's not from the city because I cross paths with him everywhere in the city from go-go's to nightclubs to Commonwealth, etc. I am saying that to say as a man I don't have time to worry about where another man lays his head (pause). Youngin got his foot in the door and commanded the respect of some of the realest in the game from Jay Z, Bun B, Kanye, Pharell, Mark Ronson, Jimmy Iovine, etc.. Thats a strong list of folks to have on your team. I'm not going to say he's totally opened the door for the city yet, but at least he's got the light shining on DC, a city thats been overlooked for years cause of all the hating that happens within.

With that said, stop hating on the dude and focus on getting in the game some way!! If not, at least pass the gatorade because while yall sitting still watching dudes is making moves and we thirsty!! Holla

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Usher-Moving Mountains

Here is Usher's new video for "Moving Mountains. It is the follow up video for his smash single "Love in the Club"!! What do you think? Usher's "Here I Stand" album will be in stores next week, May 27!! Order it here!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rick Ross- Here I Am/Maybach Music

Here is the video for Rick Ross' next single "Here I Am" ft. Nelly off his 2nd album Trilla. It fades into Maybach Music in the end!! The tiger almost bit Rick Ross during the filming of this joint. If you still haven't copped Trilla yet, you are seriously loafing!! Grab it here!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pierre Hardy's "Cruzeiro"

Check out these sick metallic calfskin joints!!

Air Jordan Spizike-Black/Gold

A new, simple black & gold colorway of the Air Jordan Spizike has surfaced online for purchase!! More pictures inside!!

Available now @ Marquee Sole

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Superstar- Lil Wayne

You call yourself the Greatest Rapper Alive. Prove it: Can you make up a rhyme on the spot using the words doughnuts, koala and Conan O’Brien?

Whoever asked that is just as crazy as me. [Thinks quietly for a half-minute.] OK, I got you. Like a car, I drive your ho crazy/In circles, like doughnuts/I drive your ho nuts/That’s the truth, you know I ain’t lyin’,/You can ask Conan O’Brien/And I’ve never seen a motherfuckin’ koala/But if I seen one, I’m gon’ holla! I don’t even know what a koala is, man. It could be sitting right there and I wouldn’t know it.

You play a mean electric guitar. What’s your favorite rock band?

Nirvana. I been into them since “Teen Spirit.” There used to be this video-request station called the Box, and some ­motherfucker must have loved Nirvana, ’cause that video was always on. I loved it—everyone was throwing everyone else around, and all the girls looked like they were ready to do whatever. When Kurt Cobain killed himself, I was like, Damn. Other niggas were like, Who? Back then, if you knew some rock shit and your homey didn’t, that was the shit. Like, Nigga, you don’t know that? [Sings the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” riff.] They’d be like, He a different type of nigga.

Lil Wayne ft. Kanye West-Lollipop(Official Remix)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hate to give you bad news..

but if you are waiting for the Blackberry Bold like I am, the good news is that it's about to drop. But umm I guess you should know that only AT&T will have it for a while!! They are snatching all the cool phones lol

Suge Knight's knocked out!!

Shout out to TMZ for providing pics of Suge Knight knocked out!! Got to check one of them other sites for the story because I don't care enough to write about it but I am laughing my ass off at my desk!!! LMAO I've been waiting for this so that maybe some of them rappers will get som balls to stand up to this nigga. That must have been a mean hook!! Them big dudes always got soft jaws anyway!! They live off intimidation! LMAO This is hilarious

Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain: Got Money

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ok so I'm chilling in the neighborhood yesterday and I get to talking to my lil sister from another mother and she read me something that she wrote!! I never knew she was such a good writer. Anyway I decided to share it with you all because she hits on some key things that I think we overlook everyday. Yes she is writing from a females perspective but it hits home either way! She is an avid reader of Too Hood 4 Hollywood so please feel free to comment so she can know what you think of her writing!!

Investments might not mean anything to u. Lets stop and think 4 a minute..... Gucci has some new sneakers that i just know will look so banging with my New Citizens & I just brought my boyfriend the new Green Dunks (omg I 4got the name of them) but anyway my baby will look good in them. I mean I am not really tripping because if I work a little over time I can still manage to get my V.I.P table at Love for Jackie's Birthday annnd Rick Ross suppose 2 b there.

Back 2 reality. INVESTING means thinking ahead. Stop listening 2 what society
is talking about. That old saying "saving 4 a rainy day" was the truth. If you go & spend 300 for some jeans and can't have 300 n your pocket at all times then you are doing something wrong. THINK about it. Times get harder everyday. Stop putting more Money n the rich Man's pocket. INVEST please THINK ahead. 4 dollars is a lot for gas. THINK about it. Just because Nordstrom has a never ending return policy doesn't mean you can keep going back to get new merchandise. If you took the time to make yourself happy versus the public you might actually begin to have nice days.

Okk lets think what we did that weekend of January. I got 2 pair of Rocks retailed at 200 times 2 which brings us to 400 dollars. I really wanted this Louis Vuitton purse and that was 700. My top came out of Bloomies and you might not know the designer but it ran me 250. Christian Dior's new pump was a must and yess I dropped the whole 500. I mean it wasn't my money because Bobby still "hustles " and even though I know he sleeps with every chyck in the hood it was free money. To top it off he is a minute man so I just faked it. I mean I know I should start using protection but Girl he be tripping. Lets jump back on track. I am paying 50 dollars to get my hair done and I just totally maxed out my credit card and the gas tank is on E. But Ohh Yea I can call Lil Mike.

START THINKING AHEAD. I am never going to Love again. First off they had us
with General Population because NEWS FLASH just because you wear the same jeans as a celebrity that doesn't give you the status. Then that Broke dude threw his
drink in my face and messed up my hair just because I wouldn't give him no play. To top it off Nordstrom ain't even taking back this fit. Girl I want to screammmmmm.

STOP AND THINK ABOUT. Why are you so interested in trying to keep up with
people whose potential you may never meet? It don't matter how much money you
spend on Rock & Republics, Victoria Beckham will forever be able to send her son's to the Greatest Schools, they will forever have memories of the most Beautiful places your eyes may ever(never) see, they will forever be able to get lost in about 5 different houses, and they will forever have "throw-away" money. SNAP OUT OUT IT. Are you that disappointed with yourself that you have to live above your means??? It takes nothing to spend and everything to save. Start looking further down the line or you will forever have to work to keep up with the general public. 90,000 dollars a year won't allow you to "touch down and take off the same night". I believe its finally time to break the curse. If you don't get it you don't get it. Instead of promising yourself the new Marc Jacobs frames for the summer try to visit an island with Pink Sand. (Harbour Island) Even in a million dollar outfit you can walk around upset. I don't see to many people on vacation frowning. Though we may never be perfect we can still aim for perfection. Your size may change and your clothes will go out of style. Concentrate on something more. Don't fall in love with cloth fall in Love with JESUS CHRIST. Besides without him Nothing is possible.

The devil is a liar INDEED but you don't have to continue to be tricked just because it worked the first time. And to end on a positive note please start to THANK the LORD JESUS CHRIST EVERYDAY.

If nobody expressed that they love you I LOVE YOU.

That's pretty deep sis!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dope Fresh Clothing

Dope Fresh Clothing was started by another one of the DMV's own!! Head on over to if you want some very limited pieces for both men & women at a nice reasonable price!! Tell em Too Hood 4 Hollywood sent ya!! Check inside for a preview of what Dope Fresh has to offer!!

Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG Edition IWC

Luxury German auto-maker, Mercedes-Benz, teamed up with Swiss watchmaker, IWC, to make a very limited and exclusive SL63 AMG. The car has a new white paint finish dubbed designo magno Kashmir, which is a combination of shades of pearl and egg shell color. The car has many special features and additions such as AMG sport seats that are covered with Tobago Brown nappa leather, black logo-emblazoned floor mats, and of course everything else the standard SL63 AMG has to offer. Only 200 cars will be made and the lucky owners of these cars will also receive IWC's "Grosser Ingenieur" watch.

Glasses Malone ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne- Haters

Shawty Lo ft. Birdman, Rick Ross, Jim Jones-Foolish (Remix)

Been waiting to here a remix for this!! I just knew this was going to be a really hot remix and it is just ok at best. Shawty Lo taking more shots at T.I. Baby using the T-Pain effects too!! lol

DJ Khaled Ft. Akon, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Boosie, Plies, Ace, Lil Wayne - ‘Out Here Grindin’

DJ Khaled keeps bringing us this heat!! Be on the lookout for "We Global" very soon!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Heart of the City NY

The 1st show in NYC of the Heart of the City tour was yesterday!! I am a huge Jay Z fan and was dissappointed when I wasn't able to go up top for this show!! Yeah yeah I know I saw the show here in DC but I just knew that he would pull out all the stops in NY with special guests and all!! Well I got the call and it was just Memphis Bleek. Beyonce came out and did her famous booty shake to "Crazy in Love" but didn't perform. So basically I didn't miss what I thought I would. But there is another show up there on Tuesday, so maybe he saved the best for then!! They were in AC tonight and I am certain that the 40/40 is off the chain right now!!

Clean up nice for under $500

"Chicks ask me why I don't go suit and tie, cause that's what they put on you when you die"

People tell me I put so much streetwear up and never focus on a dress up angle!! I can't lie, I HATE dressing up!! LMAO But I do feel like when I do that I clean up nice!! But if you are like me and would rather spend $500 on a pair of exclusive kicks than a suit then let me show you how to shave a few bucks off your dress up game! You don't have to spend a whole lot to blend in with the best of them. Don't get me wrong every man should have a good suit so you can still invest in a Hugo joint or something but until you're ready to drop that bread try Express Design Studio, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, or even Target(You probably laughing right now but trust me on this one). Like the suit pictured above(H&M, $250), get you a $5 pocket square and keep it crisp and you will be surprised what a difference something so small will make. The main key to these cheaper priced suits is seeing your tailor ASAP!! For a small fee get the sides of your jacket taken in and slim down your pants and sleeves. Just be sure its not tight but trim!! Check inside for one of those Target suits I was telling you about!!

Target Men's Merona($85)

Kris Van Assche S/S 08 High Top Sneakers

Kris Van Assche runs Dior Homme and still has time to develop his own line!! I like what he is doing. Here is another alternative to the already house hold name high fashion sneakers!! The metallic colors are definitely in right now and Kris gives you some options. If you are confindent enough for the metallics, he hasn't left you out because there is a basic black and a basic white pair. Check the other colors inside! The lacing is sick on these!!


Check out the latest video from the homie Rocko. I thought he was going to come with "Dis Morning" but "Tommorow" works too especially since he threw a piece of "Dis Morning" at the end!! Rocko throws that gear on too by the way!! I see Live Mechanics blessed him with every color of the leather for this video. He crushed that green joint with the Louis Vuitton sneaks!! My brother from another mother had that black joint last year!! I just took a black one back but fucking with Rocko I may go back and cop it again!! I'm usually up on my fashion but what is that white and black jacket?? If anyone knows let me know because I need that!!! If you haven't copped Rocko's debut album, Self Made, you need to do that ASAP!! Good album.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saucony Courageous Run Away x David Z

Some of you are already following the collabo's David Z has been apart of. For the rest of you that don't know you've been missing out on some nice collabo's but don't worry you can still catch this one. You know why? Because they just released!!

The two colorways available on the Saucony Courageous Run Away x David Z is Teal / Black / Red, and Black / Purple. Only 24 pairs of each color scheme is available online, but for those that live or visiting NYC, they will release in stores tomorrow or should I say later today. Check out David Z to purchase.

Gucci "8-8-2008 Limited Edition" Collection

Gucci is pleased to announce the creation of a special collection, "8-8-2008 Limited Edition”.

Taking her cue from competitive sports, Creative Director Frida Giannini has conceived 8 exclusive accessories that epitomize sporty luxury. Check inside for more of the collection including 2 pair of sick sneakers that were made for both men and women!!
Unfortunately everything in the collection except the i-watch will only be sold in Hong Kong and mainland China

The Collection also includes collectable items such as a luxurious Mah Jong set covered in red "La Pelle Guccissima" and, to pay homage to China, a panda in soft leather. Though intended for leisure, the products bear the hallmarks of Gucci's impeccable quality.

Frida also proposes the bold "La Pelle Guccissima" for two pieces of luggage. The first is a chic, sturdy leather duffel and the other a soft leather messenger bag with Gucci's iconic green-red-green web on the shoulder strap. Also included in the collection is a necklace inspired by military tags, in sterling silver and enamel making it the perfect accessory for casual looks.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Remy Martin VSOP Cognac by David LaChapelle

Famed photographer, David LaChapelle, teams up with Remy Martin Cognac to bring you this special collectors bottle of VSOP. The bottle LaChapelle created takes its inspiration from the Paris cabaret scene during the Jazz Age when Remy Martin first appeared in 1927. There will be 150,000 bottles produced, available for you purchase in June!!

"V.S.O.P. is all I drink"

Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West- Put On

Capital- Nike Head Tee

CPTL released 2 colorways of a new "Nike Head" Tee. This is definitely a must have for your collection.