Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex in the City Quiz (Bunked)

With all the hype around the upcoming Sex in the City movie a bunk quiz has been developed and the answers are below.

40% You are a Clyde. you enjoy strong mixed drinks and a big butt woman doing the moonwalk in penny loafers or thick socks. You also know when not to wear leather. Your cab always smells of dark cologne, and you are on the verge of buying your 5th Lincoln.

30% You are a Brooke. you enjoy fishing for catfish and bass. You also own the last bottle of Johnnie Walker Black from Bass. You have won the 3-digit 4times this month, as you do every May, but this time you actually profited $500. You also think you know more than your hand-dance instructor.

20% You are a Hussie, and so is your wife and Clyde know it. You keep too many old Lotto pencils in your den, and you cant figure out this Seduko thing, or crossword puzzles not in the Mini Page. For some reason your portable radiator also blows cool air.

10% You are a Butch. Your toothpicks are monogrammed. You slippers can double as deck shoes at any cookout. Your kids call you Butch and you call them anything. You have had at least one stolen German Shepard in your yard for the past 12 years. It is rumored that Pontiac sends you a check everymonth because you are still picking up ladies in that '88 Trans Am.

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