Saturday, May 24, 2008


Check out Wale's latest video. It's a pretty creative joint. I can honestly say it made me like the song more. Be sure to head over to his blog, Elitaste, on May 30th to download his new mixtape, Mixtape about Nothing!

On a side note I have got to say I respect what Wale is doing right now!! Everytime I turn around somebody got some hating shit to say about the dude and the funny thing is it's never about his raps!! To have that many haters only means you are doing the right thing. You mad at him cause you say he's not from D.C. I personally don't know where he's from and Im not saying that to say he's not from the city because I cross paths with him everywhere in the city from go-go's to nightclubs to Commonwealth, etc. I am saying that to say as a man I don't have time to worry about where another man lays his head (pause). Youngin got his foot in the door and commanded the respect of some of the realest in the game from Jay Z, Bun B, Kanye, Pharell, Mark Ronson, Jimmy Iovine, etc.. Thats a strong list of folks to have on your team. I'm not going to say he's totally opened the door for the city yet, but at least he's got the light shining on DC, a city thats been overlooked for years cause of all the hating that happens within.

With that said, stop hating on the dude and focus on getting in the game some way!! If not, at least pass the gatorade because while yall sitting still watching dudes is making moves and we thirsty!! Holla

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Wes Goodlife said...

Yooo, Wale freaked it and dudes mix tape is jumping good look... i'm thur this on my page check me out when u get a chance....