Sunday, May 4, 2008

Clean up nice for under $500

"Chicks ask me why I don't go suit and tie, cause that's what they put on you when you die"

People tell me I put so much streetwear up and never focus on a dress up angle!! I can't lie, I HATE dressing up!! LMAO But I do feel like when I do that I clean up nice!! But if you are like me and would rather spend $500 on a pair of exclusive kicks than a suit then let me show you how to shave a few bucks off your dress up game! You don't have to spend a whole lot to blend in with the best of them. Don't get me wrong every man should have a good suit so you can still invest in a Hugo joint or something but until you're ready to drop that bread try Express Design Studio, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, or even Target(You probably laughing right now but trust me on this one). Like the suit pictured above(H&M, $250), get you a $5 pocket square and keep it crisp and you will be surprised what a difference something so small will make. The main key to these cheaper priced suits is seeing your tailor ASAP!! For a small fee get the sides of your jacket taken in and slim down your pants and sleeves. Just be sure its not tight but trim!! Check inside for one of those Target suits I was telling you about!!

Target Men's Merona($85)

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