Saturday, May 24, 2008

Drugs Couture-Guys with Fake Kicks tee

What more can I say, I already love a female that understands this exclusive sneaker shit but I love it more that they can now tell these lames to stop rocking fakes!! I think this is a tee every female should own!!

"We just had to say something…it was getting out of control! It's like almost every spot I would hit up you have some lame rocking a pair of fake kicks thinking he's the sh*t" adds Jessica, one half of the duo behind the brand. "A few folks have already addressed it (fake sneakers)…but they were mostly male brands expressing it in a guys way…I wanted to put them on blast! I wanted to say how WACK it is from a female's point of view to see a dude in fake sneakers" she continues.

This tee was produced in limited quantities so hurry up and grab yours ASAP!! They have some other dope tees for the ladies as well. Cop your "Guys with fake kicks" tee here!!

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