Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ok so I'm chilling in the neighborhood yesterday and I get to talking to my lil sister from another mother and she read me something that she wrote!! I never knew she was such a good writer. Anyway I decided to share it with you all because she hits on some key things that I think we overlook everyday. Yes she is writing from a females perspective but it hits home either way! She is an avid reader of Too Hood 4 Hollywood so please feel free to comment so she can know what you think of her writing!!

Investments might not mean anything to u. Lets stop and think 4 a minute..... Gucci has some new sneakers that i just know will look so banging with my New Citizens & I just brought my boyfriend the new Green Dunks (omg I 4got the name of them) but anyway my baby will look good in them. I mean I am not really tripping because if I work a little over time I can still manage to get my V.I.P table at Love for Jackie's Birthday annnd Rick Ross suppose 2 b there.

Back 2 reality. INVESTING means thinking ahead. Stop listening 2 what society
is talking about. That old saying "saving 4 a rainy day" was the truth. If you go & spend 300 for some jeans and can't have 300 n your pocket at all times then you are doing something wrong. THINK about it. Times get harder everyday. Stop putting more Money n the rich Man's pocket. INVEST please THINK ahead. 4 dollars is a lot for gas. THINK about it. Just because Nordstrom has a never ending return policy doesn't mean you can keep going back to get new merchandise. If you took the time to make yourself happy versus the public you might actually begin to have nice days.

Okk lets think what we did that weekend of January. I got 2 pair of Rocks retailed at 200 times 2 which brings us to 400 dollars. I really wanted this Louis Vuitton purse and that was 700. My top came out of Bloomies and you might not know the designer but it ran me 250. Christian Dior's new pump was a must and yess I dropped the whole 500. I mean it wasn't my money because Bobby still "hustles " and even though I know he sleeps with every chyck in the hood it was free money. To top it off he is a minute man so I just faked it. I mean I know I should start using protection but Girl he be tripping. Lets jump back on track. I am paying 50 dollars to get my hair done and I just totally maxed out my credit card and the gas tank is on E. But Ohh Yea I can call Lil Mike.

START THINKING AHEAD. I am never going to Love again. First off they had us
with General Population because NEWS FLASH just because you wear the same jeans as a celebrity that doesn't give you the status. Then that Broke dude threw his
drink in my face and messed up my hair just because I wouldn't give him no play. To top it off Nordstrom ain't even taking back this fit. Girl I want to screammmmmm.

STOP AND THINK ABOUT. Why are you so interested in trying to keep up with
people whose potential you may never meet? It don't matter how much money you
spend on Rock & Republics, Victoria Beckham will forever be able to send her son's to the Greatest Schools, they will forever have memories of the most Beautiful places your eyes may ever(never) see, they will forever be able to get lost in about 5 different houses, and they will forever have "throw-away" money. SNAP OUT OUT IT. Are you that disappointed with yourself that you have to live above your means??? It takes nothing to spend and everything to save. Start looking further down the line or you will forever have to work to keep up with the general public. 90,000 dollars a year won't allow you to "touch down and take off the same night". I believe its finally time to break the curse. If you don't get it you don't get it. Instead of promising yourself the new Marc Jacobs frames for the summer try to visit an island with Pink Sand. (Harbour Island) Even in a million dollar outfit you can walk around upset. I don't see to many people on vacation frowning. Though we may never be perfect we can still aim for perfection. Your size may change and your clothes will go out of style. Concentrate on something more. Don't fall in love with cloth fall in Love with JESUS CHRIST. Besides without him Nothing is possible.

The devil is a liar INDEED but you don't have to continue to be tricked just because it worked the first time. And to end on a positive note please start to THANK the LORD JESUS CHRIST EVERYDAY.

If nobody expressed that they love you I LOVE YOU.

That's pretty deep sis!!


Mims said...

These words are sad but true. We always trying to dress to impress, sometimes going out of our way to get the newest item in fashion industry. It's crazy, because i see my friends in debt becasue they bought 2 iPhones, a 50" HDTV, LV sneakers even weave, LOL. It's not bad to have nice things, it's just how you acquire them. Let's not forget that we have to pay bills. I find it weird to be one who is the freshest of all, but living in the worst projects. Use your money towards getting a better place, or having a full tank of gas. Save for what you want, and buy what you need.

Just a lil somethin to think about

Anonymous said...

so true!! Good writing!! And I couldn't agree with the comment more

K@LiENTe said...

True indeed, which is why the rich get richer and the poor get u living in the projects, but you got a brand new charger? It doesn't make are you g'd up, but your kids look like shyt? We do need to learn how to do better! straight up! worrying about being the *jazziest* or the *freshest* will have ur azz in debt. You can still be fly w/o the outrageous pricetags that we can't afford!

Anonymous said...

I hope she doesn't mind, but I plan on printing this one out. Although I'm not a big spender on material things it is a definite motivational piece for young people who love to SPEND SPEND SPEND!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I would say that as Black men and women, this is one of the most important subjects where we're least educated on. Because we are so heavily influenced by television and celebrities, we feel as if we need to match up to their standards. At the same time we fail to realize our salary nearly matches up to those who we try to duplicate. We gotta stack our bread and we can be fly when time and money permits.