Monday, May 12, 2008

Suge Knight's knocked out!!

Shout out to TMZ for providing pics of Suge Knight knocked out!! Got to check one of them other sites for the story because I don't care enough to write about it but I am laughing my ass off at my desk!!! LMAO I've been waiting for this so that maybe some of them rappers will get som balls to stand up to this nigga. That must have been a mean hook!! Them big dudes always got soft jaws anyway!! They live off intimidation! LMAO This is hilarious

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erika said...

I guess it's true. I was hearing about this and finally I see photos from it. What about the little barber dude that knocked 'em out? Is he still alive? You know they gonna kill 'em. Kudos to your blog. This is my first time reading it. Of course we're in the same netwrok of bloggers. Let's exchange links.