Friday, November 28, 2008

Wouldnt it be great to be Naked & Famous

Well here's your chance. Based in Montreal, Canada, Naked & Famous Denim prides themselves on providing “striped-down luxury goods for reasonable prices”. I like the name because it is sort of makes fun of overpriced "Hollywood" and "Glamour" brands as well as our celebrity obsessed society. They have found some pretty creative ways to make their no frills label quite unique. Instead of washes rips or embroidery, they've added 30% silk to their Japanese raw denim for a more comfortable feel.

"Naked &Famous Denim is doing something that no other luxury brand has ever done before! We are the first luxury brand to actually be concerned with providing value to our consumers. Value is usually a taboo word in the luxury segment, most think Walmart when they hear the word. But we don’t care, we are fed up with over-priced undervalued brands, and are here to unmask the bullshit of the “premium denim” industry. We do this by creating a far superior product using expensive and rare Japanese fabrics, but we keep everything raw and simple so we can sell our jeans at reasonable prices. Every other brand competes based on design, trends, or who has more celebrities wearing their products. N&F is the first and only “Luxury Value” brand."-Brandon Svarc(Founder & Designer of Naked & Famous Denim)

You can find Naked & Famous at places like Barneys.

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Fashion Citizen said...

I thought these were going to be a little cheaper but I'm intrigued by the silk in the denim. Tax season may see me with a pair of these lol