Thursday, November 27, 2008

R.I.P. Sean Taylor-1 year later

On this very day last year, 11/27/2007, Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins life was brought to an untimely end! Not only was Sean one of the hardest hitting men to ever play the game of football but he was also a father, a son, and a soon to be married man. A man that took what some would call a negative past as fuel to build a positive future. He was feared by WR's, QB's, RB's, & TE's on the field and loved by millions off the field!! We can only wonder what greatness he would have brought to the sport, the Redskins, and his family's future but lets take a second to take a look at the impact he had on the field while he was here!! My prayers still go out to his family and friends. If you have anymore clips or memories please leave them in the comment section. Remember, tomorrow is not promised so learn to appreciate the ones you love while they're here because you just never know!!

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