Thursday, November 27, 2008

D'Brows loves D'Guys

D'Brows, a premier salon for eyebrow design, eyelash extensions and make-up located in the heart of U St.(really really close to the famous Ben's Chili Bowl), now has a special 45 minute facial treatment for the fellas. Although you should be on top of this at all times, it's getting cold out and there is no better time to make sure you keep your skin right.

So now not just ladies but ladies and gentleman if you trying to preserve your sexy make sure you check out D'Brows and holla at my homie Nicole-Alexis. You have to check her schedule online because she gets her grind on. If you get a chance to schedule with Nicole, make sure you tell her your good friends at TooHood 4 Hollywood put you on. If you can't get with her, still stop by and check it out!!

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