Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Raheem Devaughn is tired of Waiting

Check out one of the top DC talent's of this time, Raheem Devaughn, as he gives a PSA to Engineers basically letting them know that you better be prepared to put in work if you got a session with him!!

He is also a little frustrated with his Record Label, Jive, and wants the ppl to contact Jive to help get his album released!! Homie can flat out do it so I don't know why they would have him on the shelf! Anyway he says that in the next few weeks he will be giving the people an album for free download!! Check back here soon for that link!

1 comment:

Overok said...

This is not a farce. I did one session with dude...a hook and a intro...and he burned my ass up.

40 Tracks later my fingers were sore. Good thing engineering wasn't my real job, I'd be out of one..haha.