Friday, April 10, 2009

Rick Ross recruits some of 50's enemies for Mafia Music 2

Well I must admit, I like the way Ross is handling this situation with ole 50 cent.  He called up a few of 50's past enemies for part 2 to Mafia Music. Check inside to see who came through

Deeper than Rap in stores April 21st.

Shout out to my homie Karen Civil for this 1 too!


Dave said...

Damn right he did. Ross ran of the Monkey material, now he has no choice but to bring others Fitty has put down in the past. Give it up Officer Ricky, you cant win this one!!!

RT said...

Pretty much a bitch move and proof that 50 got all up in Rick Rizzle's azz...a nigga stomp you out one-on-one, so you go get your boyz for some payback? Yeah, just like we thought....Rick's a bitchassnigga