Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Air Jordan XXIV

The final concept design for the Air Jordan XXIV (24) has officially been released by the Jordan Brand design team. The AJ XXIV is being designed to be the ultimate customizable performance shoe. Carrying the DNA from previous Air Jordan models, the XXIV expands the possibilities even further. It’s shoe-within-a-shoe construction boasts an internal lasted “sock” with interchangeable max air and zoom air pods for the heel and forefoot. The interchangeable max air and zoom air pods can be swapped out or inserted to provide the cushioning which works best for your game. This allows guards to be closer to the court with responsive cushioning, while giving forwards and centers a more cushioned ride and increased volume under foot.

Jordan Brand also constructed the sneakers with an advanced resin transfer molded chassis which provides superior lateral support while the shoe maintains a “slip-on” feel with it’s zip-up anatomical compression wrap. The XXIV’s chassis is hard-wired to modules on the instep that work much like miniature seat belts across the foot. They provide a semi-relaxed retention under normal conditions (easily opening when pulling the shoe on), but lock up under duress to keep the foot locked securely over the footbed. No tightening needed. The shoe will automatically adjust to the athletes foot as conditions require.

Check out all the details about the construction of the sneakers, the technology involved in them and the inspiration that was used to design them inside.  Via:NT

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