Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drake-Say You Will

If you not familiar with Drizzy Drake yet, you need to quickly!! Drake is a member of Lil Wayne's Young Money camp! Drake is repping Toronto, and repping it well. It's my fault for not posting bout the homie sooner because everything I've heard has been dope but after I heard him over Kanye's, Say You Will, I had to do what's right!! The homie can sing as well!! Look out for Drake in 09!! He's going to be a problem for alot of these rappers. Maybe they'll find that Blackberry he lost in Cabo so they can keep up!! lol

If you need to get caught up, check inside for more of the homie Drake!

Drake & Trey Songz-Pop Rose

Drake ft. Lil Wayne-Stuntin(Dedication 3)

Drake-Swagga Like Us

Drake ft. Lil Wayne-Ransom

Drake "Room For Improvement (Special Edition)"

Drake "Comeback Season"

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