Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Angel Lola Luv-Boss Bitch

The homies over @ NOWWUT caught up with Angel at her 1st Annual Burlesque and Birthday party in SOHO in NYC. She performed BOSS BITCH for NOWWUT. NOWWUT chopped it into a video! The haters can hate all they want but Angel doing her thing!! I respect her g on this one. Straight from Uptown!! DMV is on the rise!!


Fashion Citizen said...

She's def from the city and I dig that she not on that whole "sex talk" vibe but she spittin about her city. Not bad Lola, I'm def gonna stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! I fucks with lil shawty she always repped for da city since she first started modleing. Man, I seriously believe she gon do something big and aint sayen dis cuz she from da city but shawty swag is of da chain n she can flow n she look badder than any of them other rap bitchs. I heard she was real cool like humble n shit. I got so much respect for her.