Friday, July 10, 2009

Phil Ade: Starting on JV Mixtape Release Party *UPDATE: DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE NOW

I know I keep saying it but I must repeat it, I have been so impressed with DC metro area hip hop over the last few weeks! I think we got the formula down now!! Anyway the homie's Dre "The Mayor" and Raheem Devaughn have started a label, 368 Music Group, and their breakout talent Phil Ade is the truth!!

Dre blessed me with an advance of the mixtape and man oh man, are they on to something! Not to make comparisons to anyone but when I listen to Phil rap it gives me a Lupe type of feel!! Again I'm not comparing their lyrics but that's the type of feel I get from Phil Ade!! You know, some real hip hop!

With that said, this Friday at the Commonwealth store in DC, the 368 Music Group will have an official release party for Phil Ade's new mixtape, "Starting on JV", so make sure you stop by and check it out!

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Uptown Folife said...

Wale open the door, for DC. Now Kingpen Slim & Phil Ade' are about to tear the Mutha Ef'n door DOWN! Off the Hinges.